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Tekun Hardware supply and distribute marine hardware to the shipbuilding, ship repair and marine industry in Singapore, one of the core pillar of Singapore economy. It is well known for our marine hardware like cutting discs, grinding discs, cutting and welding torches, accessories, safety products for marine shipbuilding and repair usage and etc.

We own four well-known brands: BWS Cutting and Welding Equipment, Norton Cutting and Welding Accessories and Equipment, Sakura Safety Products, and Borris Cutting and Welding Torches that enjoys a strong reputation withits primary customers including major clients like Keppel Shipyard, Sembawang Shipyard and ASL Marine.

Our Topline Products


To provide top-quality, innovative marine hardware solutions that enhance the efficiency and safety of maritime operations globally.


At Tekan, we envision a future where our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation propels us to the forefront of the hardware industry. We see ourselves as pioneers, introducing cutting-edge technologies and products that enhance efficiency, safety, and reliability across various sectors.

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